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It's a culture thing.

We help organisations to increase their profits and productivity by motivating and inspiring their people through cultural transformation. 

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What We Do

An improvement solution that fits your business

Through training, workshops, and consultancy, we have helped a huge number of business owners achieve success in their growth aspirations and goals. 

By understanding your unique business challenges and developing tailored solutions, we can help you to achieve yours, too.

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Continuous Improvement

Our framework is designed to incrementally improve your products, processes and services to achieve tangible results

Customer Experience

Providing your customers with a positive experience that has been designed to delight them at every step of the journey, building trust and loyalty

Change Management

Enabling your organisation to navigate through simple and complex changes, supporting individuals and teams that minimises disruption and maximises success

Carter Consultancy is an award-winning business that enables organisations to become more profitable, by having happier people and delighted customers. We enable businesses to become more efficient and productive by empowering teams to tackle issues and processes that are in their control, making improvements that benefit themselves, the customer and the business through structured problem solving and communication.

How We Do It

We get to know you and your business so that we can help make improvements that will make a difference. 

Whether you need support in developing a customer-centric culture, implementing a new process or system, or navigating a complex organisational change, we are here to help.

We can help with:


Our consultancy services help you identify areas of improvement and opportunities, developing plans and strategies to address them. We work closely with you to analyse your current practices and develop bespoke solutions that help you achieve your goals.


Our workshops provide a hands-on learning experience that enables your teams to apply the concepts to real-world scenarios during the session. We work with you to craft the format and objectives for the workshop, helping to sustain improvements as you progress. 


Our training programmes equip your teams with the skills and knowledge they need to identify areas for improvement and implement changes effectively that benefit employees, customers and the business. Training programmes start from introduction and progress through advanced and master levels. 


Working with individuals and teams to develop their skills, maintaining momentum through initiatives and identifying further opportunities. This could be on the back of training or workshops, and even used as an intervention.

Whether you're looking to improve your processes, enhance your customer experience, or manage change effectively, we can help. No matter the size of your business or your history, Carter Consultancy is armed with your solution! From small interventions to full scale implementation, we have an array of options that are perfect for you.

Working Together

Every business has different needs, so every package is bespoke; from interventions and training to workshops and coaching, the right solution is offered by actively listening to the ambitions of the business, but also the obstacles and blockers that prevent that ambition from becoming a reality.

Even though we operate in a business-to-business market, people make decisions. Trust and relations are as important as the solution we offer.

Our method of collaborative working ensures we deliver improvements with tangible and measurable benefits.

By creating a safe environment to have open and honest conservations, we help to identify the root cause of problems in order drive and develop high performance organisations.

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Supercharging the Customer Experience: How organizational alignment drives performance

The ultimate assessment tool for companies looking to become more profitable have happy employees and delighted customers.

Benchmark your business against NOVA’s unique self-assessments in order to identify areas that need improvement and take action to achieve your long-term goals.

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